CNC Machines and Capabilities

Automatic Precision CNC Lathe

Automatic Precision CNC

  • Maximum machining diameter 200mm, length 250mm
  • Flexible tooling layouts allow for endless variations of complex machining
  • 4 types of tool posts available from which to select the tooling layout most suited to the required machining applications
  • Maximum tooling variations yield performance that meets manufacturing needs across multiple industries
  • Flexible tooling layouts include the ability to combine the selection of tool post and cartridge unit

5-Axis Vertical Milling Machining Center

  • Max. diameter of workpiece:800mm
  • Max. width for milling(X/Y):650mm
  • Max. height for milling(Z):450mm
  • Diameter of rotatory table:650mm
  • Max. weight of workpiece:1000Kg

Doosan Vertical Machining Center

  • Doosan 5705 Vertical machining center
  • Travel Distance X-axis:1,050 mm
  • Travel Distance Y-axis:570 mm
  • Travel Distance Z-axis:510 mm

DooSan Horizontal Turning Milling CNC


  • Max Turning Diameter:⌀376 mm (14.8 in)
  • Max Turning Length:760 mm (29.9 in)
  • Through Hole Diameter:⌀82 mm (3.2 in)

Wire Cutting DK7735

  • Worktable size:380*650mm
  • Worktable travel:350*450mm
  • Max.workpiece cutting thickness:400mm
  • Machining precision:0.015mm
  • Max.cutting speed:150mm²/min
  • Cutting taper:±6°
  • Worktable’s max. load:400kg
  • Wire electrode diameter 0.18mm
  • Roughness:2.5μm(single cut)/1.6μm(triple cut)

Gear Machining Capability

Gleason Heller Large 5 Axis Gear Machining Center FT16000

  • Travel Distance X-axis:2,400 mm (94.5 in.)
  • Travel Distance Y-axis:1,600 mm (63 in.)
  • Travel Distance Z-axis:1,600 mm (63 in.)
  • Travel Distance B-axis:360°
  • Travel Distance C-axis (Swivel Head):+15°/-190°
  • Rapid Traverse X-axis:41 m/min. (1,614.2 in./min.)

Gear Grinding Klinggelnberg CNC

  • Machining range: 30-400mm
  • Maximum diameter: 500mm
  • Accuracy: DIN3

Gleason-PFAUTER P500S Gear Shaper

  • Max modulus: 8mm
  • Max diameter:500 mm
  • Accuracy:DIN7

Gleason-Pfauter P800 Gear Hobbing Machine

  • Max modulus: 8mm
  • Max diameter:500 mm
  • Accuracy:DIN7